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– Unparalleled LF performance 

– Useable Output to 25hz 

– Extreme Powerhandling 

– Truck-pack Friendly dimensions


Suitable for any application where

extreme low frequency extension

and output is required.

The Tomahawk is a truck-pack friendly version of the BattleAxe, featuring integrated handles, and is a high intensity Front Loaded Horn designed for very deep extension, with an intended passband 28hz-100hz, employing a 24db/octave 25hz buttersworth hipass.

This enclosure is optimized for clusters of 4 or more, with optimum sensitivity being achieved from a block of 8. However, the output from a  single BattleAxe is nothing short of stunning. This enclosure is available in 4ohm or 8ohm specifications. 



System Alignment: 21 Inch loaded Front Loaded Horn

System Response (-10db): 22hz

Frequency Response (-3db): 28hz-150hz

Power Rating (Continuous Program Peak): 1700w/3400w/7000w

Sensitivity (Iw/I meter): 107db

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm or 8 ohm available

Reccomended Processing: 4 ohm 25hz, 24 db/octave Buttersworth Hi-pass, 60-100hz Low-pass

Enclosure Construction: Precision CNC construction, 18mm Baltic birch 30mm baffle

Exterior Coatings: Polane (Custom Colors Available)

Grille Specifications: Optional 16 Gauge Black Powder-coated steel

Dimensions (DxWxH): 55×53.50×23.75″

Net Weight: 290lbs

Mobility: Available with optional 3″ locking swivel casters or custom dollies

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