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Born in the underground of the East Coast, HSD Sounds Systems focuses on pushing the limits and increasing the quality of pro audio. Originality and functionality are paramount in HSD’s design process. Every cabinet is engineered, R&D’d,  and assembled in-house at our Fall River, MA factory. The design team utilizes dado construction and industrial adhesives in our assembly process, making our cabinets nearly indestructible. HSD Sound Systems features many of the highest- quality components available to the music industry. You won’t find another speaker manufacturer in the United States that completes this complex design process and assembly of every speaker. Built in America, providing a punch without breaking the bank. Built in America, HSD provides an unmatched product at a more affordable rate than it’s competitors.



Owner, Research & Development

Bobby Trinanes, Owner and Founder of HSD Sound Systems, created HSD Sound Systems to push the boundaries of Pro Audio. Before he even had a license to drive, Bob was revolutionizing the car audio business. Fast forward to the inception of Club Therapy, where Bob’s first horn-loaded system led to the birth of HSD Sound Systems. You will often find Bob in the shop coordinating every facet of the business and designing new enclosures. There is literally nothing Bob can’t build, design or overcome, “In Bobby We Trust”!


Sales & Marketing Director

Ben Peters, Director of Sales & Marketing, has been essential in the growth of the HSD Sound Systems brand since 2016. Owner and founder of Pusha Management, Ben provided business management and production management services for HSD systems across the country for the last 6 years. Ben focuses on brand development, marketing strategy and driving sales for HSD. You can find him around the country coordinating HSD’s largest deployments and expanding the reach of our sound systems around the globe. 


“After years of chasing sound systems the first time we heard an HSD rig it immediately filled the space we didn’t know we were missing.  Full-spectrum clarity with that extra low-end power and fidelity that truly warms the soul. Instant game changer. We knew the west coast needed this so we jumped on the opportunity to push sound system culture and give back to the community that has given us so much. “

-Synchronistic Sound


“[We] chose HSD Sound Systems for many reasons. The first being that we are fans before anything else. The blatant brute force experience that this system provides only leaves you wanting more, once the show is over. After standing in front of them for hours on end, it was clear that HSD’s level of fidelity was only closely rivaled by few other companies. These speakers provide not just an experience you can hear, but one you can feel deep in the fiber of your being. 

The second reason is that despite the brute force you experience, the quality of the music stays preserved, even when pushing the system to its limits. The accuracy in the low-frequency response of the Battle-axe is something short of magic. The mid-range cannons will kick you in the chest like a horse, and the Mantarray tops produce a distortion-free sound that will bring a smile to any attendee’s face. HSD Speakers were created by Bass Music Enthusiasts, for Bass Music Enthusiasts, and it’s clear that this enthusiasm is what fueled HSD to be a top contender for high fidelity live sound. 
Lastly, we chose HSD Sound Systems for our region because of the lack of Sound System Culture in Phoenix Arizona. In order to experience these systems, it took significant planning and travel to get in front of an HSD rig. After realizing how far one had to travel to listen to one of these systems, it was clear that this was something that Phoenix needed for its music community.”


-Pedal Bike Productions