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• Extreme average sensitivity 106db 2.83v 1 meter

• Useable passband 65hz -225hz

• Trapazoidal cab for reduced size and weight


Designed for when high spl in the low mid frequency bands is required. A great complement to a large stack of FLH subwoofers for dance music.

The 18MBH65, code name “The Cannon” is an 18″ straight bandpass horn designed for extremely high sensitivity and extended bandwidth. 


The enclosure is available as a passive8 ohm(recommended amplifier power 2000w into 8 ohms) cabinet. the trapezoidal shape gives it an attractive form factor allowing for ease of vertical stacking with additional units.

System Alignment: 18 Inch Straight Band Pass Horn 

System Response (-10db): 50hz-350hz 

Frequency Response (-3db): 65h2-220hz 

Power Rating(Continuous Program Peak): 1200w/2400w/4000w 

Sensitivity (Iw/Imeter): 106db 

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm 

Recommended Processing: 70hz 12 db/octave Buttersworth Hi-pass 

Enclosure Construction: Precision CNC construction 12mm Baltic birch. 18mm baffle 

Exterior Coating: Polane (Custom Colors Available) 

Grille Specifications: Optional 16 Gauge Black Powder coated Steel 

Dimensions (WxDxH): 30x44x24 inches, 20 inches wide on rear 

Net Weight: 165lbs 

Mobility: Available with Optional 3″ custom dollies 

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