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• Compact enclosure • Useable Output to 33hz • Great balance of size, output and extension


Ideal for the solo operator or small crew. Capable of extreme output when coupled together in stacks of 6 or more, with extension and output to match cabs almost 40 percent larger

The 18FLH33 code name, “Switchback” is an ideal compromise between the three points of Hoffman’s Iron Law: Loud, Low, Small. The 36″x38″x24″ enclosure is loaded with a 1500w 18. Available in passive 8 ohm  (recommended amplifier power 1800w into 8 ohms) and available in active 3000w powered 4 ohm version. 

System Alignment: 18 Inch Front Loaded Horn

System Response (-10db): 29hz

Frequency Response (-3db): 32hz-150hz 

Power Rating (Continuous Program Peak) 1400w/2800w/6000w

Sensitivity (1w/1meter): 105db

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm passive, 4 ohm active

Recommended Processing: 31hz, 24 db/octave Buttersworth Hipass, 60-100hz Lopass.

 Enclosure Construction: Precision CNC construction, 18mm Baltic birch. 30mm baffle 

Exterior Coating: Polane (Custom Colors Available) 

Grille Specifications: Optional 16 Gauge Black Powder coated Steel

Dimensions (DxWxH): 36x38x24 inches

Net Weight: 175lbs

Mobility: Available with Optional 4″ locking swivel casters or custom dollies

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