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• Superior pattern control

• Extended mid bass response

• Arrayable for seamless 2 per side operation


A true multi use speaker suitable for anything from performer monitoring, full range use in small applications and medium duty PA use when paired with appropriate subwoofer compliment.

The Source 15 is a flexible, high output top design pairing our favorite hf combination [BMS 4594HE] with the next generation of 15” drivers from BC speakers.

The enclosure utilizes 1 BC 15ndl88 woofer, outfitted with a 3.5” voice coil. This is paired with a 1.4” exit Coaxial Compression Driver mounted on a 60×40 horn. The Coaxial compression driver is responsible for everything above 600hz, holding pattern extremely well off axis. The 4594HE negates all perceived “beaming” common with 15” loaded designs due to the chosen crossover point.

The Source 15 is available in 8 ohm passive beam enclosure [8 ohm mid, 8 ohm high with a passive crossover for the coaxial compression driver]. It is also available Active Triamped, powered by Powersoft DSP presets are provided for both the Biamp and Active configurations.

System Alignment:
System Response (-10db):

Frequency Response (-3db):

Power Rating
(Continuous Program Peak):
Sensitivity (1w/1meter:)

Normal Impedance:
Recommended Processing:

Enclosure Construction:
Exterior Coating:
Grille Specifications:

Dimensions (DxWxH):
Net Weight:

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